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hotel branding


We developed the hotel branding for Yes!Please, a hotel that’s intention is to bring culture and community to the table in ways Malaga has never seen before. With this project we’ve created a ”cultural boutique” that opens the door to quality conversations about life experiences, interests, art and much more.

Yes!Please puts people first and does so within the wide and beautiful scope of the fine arts thanks to the general aesthetic we’ve envisioned for this unique and vibrant hotel.

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hotel branding

Much like the hotels clients that, although always up to date and informed, have an intense adoration for the art and culture produced in past centuries, our hotel branding also manages to contrast modern and urban nuances with the utmost classic inflexions.

This contrast, which is the core of our cultural boutiques branding universe, can be seen within the typographic combinations, colour palette, visual identity and more.

Everything is made to start a conversation, even the hotels business cards which give each employee a space to talk about their favourite pieces of art or anything they desire.

hotel branding
hotel branding

On Social Media Yes!Please makes constant efforts to keep the conversation flowing with quizz nights and jam sessions being just two examples of many.

With a friendly and familiar tone and the ever present contrast between old and new, the online visual identity just screams out Soho.

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