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Japanese restaurant branding


Yaki have arrived in Spain, specifically in Malaga, to totally revolutionize the Asian culinary sector. To do this they needed us to develop an impactful, cultural and modern restaurant branding and packaging for them.

The gap that Yaki want to fill is that of Asian fast food, they’ll have wide opening hours and serve food during the night. The fact that they’re serving in the fast food sector doesn’t mean the quality is middle to low. Yaki’s menu is full of only quality ingredientes and traditional Japanese plates.



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Restaurante branding

We created an aesthetic that represents and respects Japanese culture while staying modern and youthful.

Japanese restaurant publicity

The concept behind the restaurant branding created for Yaki is that, with simple shapes and clear patterns, we’re able to communicate Japanese culture through colors and phrases that put Japan at the center of everything.

We use small touches of Japanese in our branding to communicate words such as explore or discover, which incite action and curiosity.


Our isotype carries the strength of our concept, as with the restaurants isotype we show both the flag of Japan and a classic Japanese temple.

We also wanted to make this a typographic heavy brand as the intention was to make both the colour palette and typography do all of the communication for the brand.


Japanese restaurant branding
Envelope design
Restaurant menu design
Japanese restaurant branding
social media design for restaurant

For the restaurant packaging we made it fun and direct.

As Yaki has reduced space for seating and it’s intended to be more of a takeaway option we designed various different types of takeaway packaging boxes and bags depending on the different options on the menu.

We made the designs as fun as possible by playing on the brands descriptor which os ”Japan in a Pan”. We used phrases like ”Japan in a Box” or ”Japan in a Bag”.

Packaging for restaurant
Packaging design for restaurant
paper bag design for restaurant
Japanese restaurant branding

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