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Upfront Magazine

Upfront came to us so we could develop their editorial design and general branding with the intention of becoming a reference inside of cinema and series independent magazines.

Their objective was to choose one serie or film for each edition and dedicate the whole aesthetic to respect the chosen series or film. This means that the cover artwork, logo design and the inside editorial design will all respect the visual world of their references.

This makes Upfront a completely perfect choice for authentic lovers that are passionate about film, screenwriting, and videography as in this magazine everything is analyzed to the deepest of levels.



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For our first magazine design for Upfront we designed the cover and interior for the first edition of the independent affair that was to be based upon Mr.Robot, the masterpiece and social phenomenon created by Sam Esmail.

We were all in love with the aesthetic of the series so it was a true pleasure to create the cover design and editorial design around the visual universe of Mr.Robot.

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For the second edition of Upfront we wanted to show off the versatility of our magazine’s cover with a completely different style of design. This time the edition circled around the beautiful and elegant Hannibal series.

Hannibal is as elegant and beautiful as it is lethal and violent, so we went with this completely for the editorial design of the magazine and, especially, on the cover artwork which depicts co-star Mads Mikkelsen in the midst of a fog of water and blood, a subtle wink to the fans that have delved deep into the story of this very special series.

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