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Design Projects

Discover the latest design projects in fields such as branding, web design, packaging and much more that we’ve been busy at work on, we hope to see your project on here in the near future  ; )

Japanese restaurant branding

Branding | Poster Design | Packaging | Social Media

The revolution of fast food has arrived in Malaga.

Editorial Branding

Branding | Poster Design | Packaging

Editorial branding that’s a call to action for designers.

Web Design | Brand Narrative | Woocommerce Shop

Special products deserve very special web design.

Branding | Brand Narrative | Social Media

Taking hotel branding to a cultural height.

Festival design

Branding | Brand Narrative | Social Media

Festival branding as eco as it gets.

Web design for mental health

Web Design | Social Media | Branding | Logo Design

Helping people that help others with mental health is a dream come true.

Editorial Design | Cover Design | Branding

Film & Series lovers have a new best friend: welcome Upfront.

Branding | Cover Design | Social Media

Some books should be judged by their covers.

Branding | Editorial Design | Social Media

Editorial branding made to increase readers.