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Munsuri Beachwear

Munsuri Beachwear are a colourful and delightful company that offer quality and beachwear, illustrations, crockery and more. What makes them special is that all of their patterns and designs are handmade and 100% original.

They came to us wishing to take their website to the next level and modernize their image in the process. We were to design their new website in a fully responsive way and integrate their Woocommerce store in a way that set them apart from their closer rivals.



Web Design
Woocommerce setup


Fashion web design

Munsuri’s products take you directly to the seaside, with sea life, corals and more being the main focus of their patterns and illustrations. Partner this with the fact that all of their designs are handmade and fabricated inside of Spain and you’ve got a truly special product.

This is what we wanted to communicate with their web design and online shop. With natural tones, clean aesthetic and, more importantly, a very functional and easy to navegate website for the clients.

Responsive web design

Our web design and woocommerce shop design is 100% responsive. This was one of the key elements when starting this project, Munsuri Beachwear really wanted to adapt their website and store to the modern and current needs of their clients.

Responsive Online Shop
Branding narrative
Editorial Branding

Special products deserve very special web design.

We knew that Munsuri were offering a special and ”gourmet” product here, with quality materials, handmade designs, domestic fabrication and a massive attention to detail.

This is something that we worked at to add into the website design also, very simple navegation, individual store pages for certain products, bright colours and a large amount of space to let the products truly shine.

We couldn’t be happier with the results and with the process.

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