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Web design for mental health


IntegraPi13 are a company that revolves around the idea of helping people in need of mental, emotional and motivational help.

We worked with them closely in multiple areas of the design. We developed their logo design, their corporative branding, web design and set them up to communicate their message on social media.



Web Design
Social Media


simple logo design

For IntegraPi13’s logo design we took everything that defines the company and thought of a way to communicate that in a graphical language that everyone can understand.

Our intention with the general branding was to create a universe of calm and balanced colors and typography so that it served as a type of safehaven for clients. That’s why, for the logo design we opted to simplify the idea behind the company, using Antic Didone as the main typography due to its elegance and overall balance.

As for the isotype, we wanted to show a kind of evolution so we worked with the idea of showing an unfinished shape that transitions into a full shape to communicate how IntegraPi13 work with their clients so they reach their full potential and are able to go from an unfinished being to a complete one.

The logo design shows the evolution from unfinished to complete being. 

elegant web design

With the responsive web design we worked with a color palette that would help us transmit as much tranquility as possible, making use of neutral tones combined with navy blue to communicate sobriety, seriousness and calm in its purest form.

responsive web design

A company with the purest of motives, with design that matches.

We love working with clients on projects that will help other people, it’s just one more reason to do our best to communicate the visual language of the company.

IntegraPi13 do their best to help other people, so we did our best to help them help other by creating the logo design, visual branding and responsive web design that they needed to take their idea from dream to a complete reality.

As always, we’ve had a lot of fun working on this and will definitely be looking to do more work in the mental health area.

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