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Hépico Fest

 We worked with Hepico to develop their festival design, event branding, merchandising and general aesthetic for the three day festival.

There were a couple of things that we knew for sure when starting this project, it had to be 100% eco-friendly and the poster design for each day had to respect the style and atmosphere of the artists playing that day while also still being coherent with the general event branding.



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We decided to give Hepico the most modern and natural looking event branding we could. To do so, we used recycled paper with seeds inside so that, even if the papers were left on the ground they’d still be eco-friendly.

The whole aesthetic was created with nature and typographic design as the protagonists, using animals and natural imagery as the visual pillars of the branding.

We also designed stickers for each of the days and placed them on top of the posters so that we could increase cross-sales.

Festival branding
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With every t-shirt or totebag that was sold a bag of seeds was given to the clients for free. Then, after the festival and during the year Hepico Fest would organize get togethers in different areas of Spain to replant areas affected by forest fires.

This was an idea that we felt completely passionate about, so we thought it would only be logical to give out seeds to the festival goers.

In general, the event branding created for Hepico developed into a wonderful experience with a protagonist being protecting our wonderful planet.

Hepico worked hard to replant trees affected by forest fires.

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