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Editorial Branding


CreativeBooks are an editorial that are completely centered around creating books by and for designers. They needed our help to create their editorial branding, poster designs and develop a calendar for 2021 that they wanted to offer to their clients with their purchases.

We developed their brand with the journey that every designer has to make from junior to experienced. With this in mind we tried to make the branding and visual universe of CreativeBooks a direct call to action for designers.



Poster Design


Editorial branding

To portray this individual journey that all designers make, we made the brand isotype variable. It adopts different forms depending on the surface of size of the area that it’s on but always going from C to B.

We also used this visual elemant in the poster designs and publicity for CreativeBooks. The end result can be seen in the image below.

Brand publicity design

We chose to use photography to better communicate the values of CreativeBooks philosophy.

Natural imagery, raw emotions, beauty and, above all, a huge desire to transport their knowledge from their books to the design community.


As the company only work with high end and very detailed and cared for books, we felt it obligatory to give the editorial a clean, elegant and very smooth visual identity.

The blue palette contrasted strongly with black and white images was the perfect way to be powerful visually without saturating their presence.


Postcard design
Bag design

Editorial branding that’s a call to action for designers.

With the merchandising we used clear and short headlines that serve as calls to action to designers and also show off the companies desire to share what they know and what their writers are wishing to communicate.

As for the business cards, we thought it was the best place to show the various versions of CreativeBooks isotypes.

Business cards design

As for the calendar, we decided to carry on with the general colour palette and chose to dedicate each month to a famous figure in the large realm of art and design.


So we dedicated a short biography about each character joint with one of their most famous or important quotes.

Many of these quotes carry on with our own mentality of making designers jump into action as much as possible.

Calendar design
Charles Mingus

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