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BigBro Collection

The BigBro Collection is a very special product that puts 3 of the most important dystopian fiction books to ever be written together in an extra special packaging.

Here at KCT we were faced with the pleasure of designing the collection identity, book design, interior and general packaging for 3 of the most iconic books in literature, a welcomed challenge indeed.


Collection Identity
Book Design
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Editorial branding

This would be the editorials first ever special collection and, therefore, we wanted to make it extra special for both the company and the clients.

We knew from very early on that we wanted this collection to feel like it was from a different time (like the stories within it), with eye on quality materials, simplicity and elegance that would make it attractive for collectors and provide the company with book designs that are coherent with their branding.

This drove us towards experimenting with pagan aesthetics and coming up with a general design that feels mystical, magical and archaic while still remaining within the realm of dystopian symbology. 

Branding narrative

The perfection of geometrical shapes on each book cover is used as a direct contrast with the reality of the stories within the pages.

A poetic touch that’s also developed with the colours choices, which serve as direct ironies.


Each book cover was created with the intention of giving very subtle and small hints on what the story is about.

We have the complete version of the design on our outer covers and a more centered and simplified version inside on the hardcover of the books.


Typographic design
Branding narrative
Editorial Branding

Book design that incentivates exploring literature

To make this collection even more of an occasion for clients, we decided to design the merchandise to provide the clients with the full experience. The merchandise designs manage to retain the archaic aesthetic while also being completely contemporary.

As for the packaging, we used African Blackwood because it best represented the philosophy and general image of the BigBro Collection.

Packaging design

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